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01 May 2011

Since the beginning of 2011, KAPODISTRIAS is one of the newest TEMOT INTERNATIONAL Shareholders. TEMOT INTERNATIONAL is a leading strategic organization and future-oriented partner for the automotive aftermarket industry. It was founded in 1994 in Germany by five shareholders and has expanded continuously ever since.

Currently the organization is made up of 25 shareholders that operate in almost all major European countries, as well as Israel, as Warehouse Distributors in the independent aftermarket spare parts business. Since 2003, TEMOT INTERNATIONAL is also shareholder of AAPA, a leading North and Central American organization.

TEMOT shareholders are among the brightest and best Automotive Aftermarket organizations in their geographical area of operation. They all operate at the first trade level providing a comprehensive range of products, services, systems and concepts. Their core business includes trade with spare parts, accessories, garage equipment, tools, engine parts, car paints, chemicals and body parts.

TEMOT shareholders directly employ more than 18,000 people and have about 14,000 garages associated (directly or indirectly) to them through garage concepts. Regardless of their distribution model, all TEMOT INTERNATIONAL shareholders have a common goal: sustainable, profitable growth through high effectiveness and optimized efficiency.

Therefore, it is a great honor for KAPODISTRIAS to be a member of such group alongside such reputable companies. KAPODISTRIAS is the only company in Cyprus in the automotive aftermarket which belongs to such group, a fact that underlines KAPODISTRIAS’s position as market leaders in Cyprus.

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