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23 April 2017

More than 40 international exhibitors and over 80 delegates from abroad assembled for this year’s automotive show organized by Chr. Kapodistrias & Sons Ltd

The third AUTOFIX SHOW took place on Sunday 23rd April at the National Exhibition Centre in Nicosia and featured over 40 international exhibitors who make up the network of official partners and suppliers to Chr. Kapodistrias & Sons Ltd in Cyprus.

The visitors to the show comprised of automotive professionals and motoring enthusiasts from all over Cyprus who were able to witness first-hand the latest developments in the industry and tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience of some of the biggest automotive parts producers and suppliers from around the world.

An estimated 5000 people passed through the gates for the 10-hour long show where they witnessed the full range of automotive tools and components displayed by the likes of Robert Bosch and KS Tools who were among the 80 plus delegates, attending from 15 countries around the world. In addition, they attendees took part in numerous interactive activities and had the chance to win prizes in the competitions and draws that took place during the show.


The AUTOFIX SHOW 2017 was made up entirely of automotive parts suppliers and tool manufacturers who are official partners to Ch. Kapodistrias & Sons Ltd, the leading supplier of automotive parts, tyres, lubricants and professional tools in Cyprus and exclusive suppliers of products manufactured by some of the world’s leading automotive-parts manufactures, such as Bosch, Hankook, Castrol, Schaeffler, ZF/TRW, Mann Filter, Behr-Hella, Textar Brakes, etc. Kapodistrias’ standing in the industry is further reflected by its membership of TEMOT International, a global co-operative of leading aftermarket automotive supply companies.

Ahead of the AUTOFIX SHOW, Chr. Kapodistrias & Sons Ltd took the opportunity to take the exhibitors on a brief but informative tour of Cyprus’s capital Nicosia, which highlighted the wealth of history and culture the city has to offer, as well as the island’s long-standing political problem which culminated in a cocktail party at Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios mansion.

The inaugural AUTOFIX SHOW was held in 2013 and was repeated on an even bigger scale two years later, but even that show was eclipsed by this year’s event which was the biggest yet.

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