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KAPODISTRIAS forms a Parts-Specialist Academy

03 June 2022

Aiming to educate the current salespeople, but most importantly to develop and form new ones, our company created the “KAPODISTRIAS Parts Specialist Academy”, a 3-month course (55 hours) which includes the basic knowledge and skills any salesperson behind the counter must have while working in today’s challenging automotive aftermarket.

Based on the structure of two American programs, the “Counterman’s Guide to Parts & Service Management” and the “ASE Parts Specialist”, the “Kapodistrias Parts Specialist Academy” covers various chapters, including:

  • General Introduction to the Automotive Aftermarket
  • Vehicle Identification
  • Automobile Technology
  • Company Brand & Product Portfolio Knowledge
  • Cataloging
  • Company Procedures & Rules
  • Customer Service
  • etc

In a strategic cooperation with the School of Automotive Engineering in Cyprus (SoAE), the extremely important subject of Automobile Technology is taught by the professors and at the premises of SofAE.

“We have discovered that when we create our own salespeople - instead of taking them from the competitors - not only we form them exactly the way we want and they share the values and culture of our company, but most importantly it is costing us much less”, stated Mr. Constantinos Kapodistrias, the company’s co-CEO & Executive Director.

On June 3, 2022, a total of 14 new salespeople graduated from the course and are now trained to join the strong sales team of Kapodistrias, aiming for better results for the years to come.

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