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Innovative Tools & Lubricants Center opened by KAPODISTRIAS

08 October 2015

KAPODISTRIAS’ new Tools & Lubricants Center in Nicosia, Cyprus was officially inaugurated on Thursday October 8th, 2015 by the city’s Mayor Constantinos Yiorkadjis.

The innovative facility brings together the experience and expertise of KS Tools Germany as well as BP – producers of the world renowned Castrol lubricants – and will function as a showroom and distribution center for the companies’ products. This is only the 5th such facility worldwide for KS Tools and an innovative initiative for the promotion of Castrol products in Cyprus.

Among many others, the inauguration was honored by the attendance of Spyros Michalakakis, BP’s Sales Director for Southern Europe, as well as Orhan Altin, General Manager and owner of KS Tools.

In his speech at the inauguration, Marios Kapodistrias, co-Executive Director of KAPODISTRIAS Automotive Parts, applauded the collaboration of the three companies and outlined the plan and philosophy of KAPODISTRIAS, which demonstrated once again why the company is a leader in the field of Automotive Parts distribution in Cyprus.

The event was enjoyed and attended by several hundred friends, customers and affiliates of the company.

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