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Rektol Oil - Made in Germany with tradition

01 March 2016

Chr. Kapodistrias & Sons Ltd announces its new business agreement with Rektol GmbH & Co. KG for the distribution of Rektol lubricants in Cyprus.

Quality since 1892

Rektol GmbH & Co. KG produces and develops high-performance lubricants for automotive and industrial sector as well as classic oils for veteran, vintage and classic vehicles.

The over 120 years of market experience and development competence of the German family-owned business, allows Rektol a precise determination and manufacture of lubricants for every application.

Know-know and Competence since 1892

For lubricants from its own production in Germany, Rektol uses only carefully selected base oils and additives, which is proven in practice in the long-standing partnership with its suppliers.

The brand REKTOL stands for the premium quality and for the highest customer satisfaction.

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